Sunday, 25 May 2008

Happy 3rd. Birthday My Dear Boy

23rd. May 2008 was Farhan's 3rd birthday. For the last two years we didn't celebrate, can't remember why...either too busy or we just spent luxuriously on him on his special day. This time pun tak lah celebrate sangat, juz a simple blow of a small candle.hehehe.....tapi si kakak yg sampai menangis tak dpt tiup lilin! video ni tak reti plak camne nak rotate gambar dia.

We all pegi Spring. Bawa Farhan ronda all the toy shop but end up he doesn't know what to chose. His auntie want to buy present for him tp sebb Farhan pun sampai tak tahu nak pilih so mummy dia nilah yg decide. At last beli kasut Adidas seketul.hehehe

Takleh nak story panjang coz nak kuar jenjalan. Lenkali me update. alwyz..

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Westlife - You Raise Me Up [Tickled Pink 2005]

Mak, Selamat Menyambut Hari Ibu. And to all mothers (and mother's to be!) out there....may all are bless with good health and good life with your beautiful family.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Holiday Mood

This week I'm still with my holiday mood. Bz updating my facebook....uploading photos to my photobucket......... etc....etc.....Bila bukak astro plak mesti nak tengok AFC channel 703. People who know me ....really ..r.eally know me ...will know how 'buta' I am bila masuk bab masak ni. Kadang tu masak nasi pun tak betul! wakakak.........but still I'm a mother of two. Its like an unwritten agreement with my hubby before we get married. I don't know how to cook and cooking never interest me so if u want someone to cook for you.....well....find someone else to kejam huh!
what the heck!!!! Dulu-dulu suka sangat tengok channel home&living (tak ingat la) tp that time those channel foc ...bila dah kena bayar ni malas la plak. Sekarang ni pun I'm paying for two decoder dlm rumah yg comel ni. One for me and hubby and the other one....sapa lagi kalau bukan for the kids. They'r so lucky! hmmm......
U-Turn pd topik asianfoodchannel, it looks so easy on tv and sooooooo delicious too! If i have all the money in the world, might be I will spent buying all those cooking gadgets and ALL the finest ingredient for every recipe.hahahah..........what a dream and those dream will kill my dream to lose my weight. Its funny during my teen years I was very the very underweight and no clothes will fit me just right and my world is totally turned upside down coz now I'm very much overweight and still can't find suitable clothes all the times. (Sigh......!)
Went to UNIMAS today to sort several things. Get my result.....hooray! Not that good but the least I can hope for is to be better than previous semester. It so different to compare during my degree time almost ten years ago. Those are my best years, at least I manage to get few dean's list in my cert. As for my master programme ni, I'm satisfied enough to maintain 3 pointers cgpa.
Should plan for my thesis now as I have to submit the framework by middle next week. HAH!!!! Is that mean less than a week??????????.....aiseh.....don't ask.....seems like even the title itself is nowhere to be seen. wakakaka.........

My family my life

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

P.S. I Love You

I bought new dvd today entitles 'P.S. I Love You'..... Today I'm alone in the house so saja nak ber'emo' sesorang. A very touching story indeed.... Can a person love other person that much...THAT MUCHHHHH..... ? I wonder. My favourite sentences from somewhere "We can't control our emotion, action we can" . When we fall for simply happens...just like that. But what will happen next depends on our action and of course fate and destiny also have their role. One of my best memories was my years in ITM long time ago ....from Manjung to Shah Alam. There were five of us ...Aida, Yatty, Sidah, Along and Me. All those years and there are us always together.....despite constant disagreements......and five different characters. But then each flaws were complement with each strength. As years gone by so hard to be within each other touch anymore. I miss every one of us...

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