Wednesday, 20 December 2017


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Assalamualaikum w.b.t to all who had happened to come across my blog.

I have this kind of love-hate relationship with my blog. This blog is officially mine since years ago and despite on-off posts/news/stories....I still don't have the heart to delete/unsub/forgot about this blog of mine (I'm still proud that I own it......though).

A year has gone by in a blink (my fave script from a movie....suddenly can't remember the title! lol!). This year my eldest just got his PT3 result and my second one got his UPSR result. Both done quite well but deeply i pray and hope they learned their lesson that how much an effort one's throw will concurrent with the outcome of those effort. My third, Marissa has gone through quite a journey in Tahun Satu. In January 2017, she can't even read a full sentence and she's also struggle to finish her Iqra'. Alhamdulillah towards the end she showed quite a tremendous improvement and her consistent effort do pay off. Syukur Alhamdulillah. Another important event this year when my twin Faris and Firas embark their pre-school at Tadika Kemas. As they're born pre-mature so I don't want to push so hard on the twin. Both show different development but to me as long as they learn something and enhance their motor skill and improve learning ability positively, I'm okay with that. Syukran jazilan.....I'm grateful. Last but not the least my youngest princess this year already 3 years old and she's quite a handful.

As for work matters. Everybody have their own struggle and of course myself is not omitted. This December 2017 mark my 18th years working at this organisation. I lost count of my different superior and several departments I've involved throughout this 18 years working. I'm that lucky (or weird maybe) few that don't have so called honeymoon period after graduated my first degree. Finish my final exam back then and immediately one of my lecturer offered me and another friend of mine (who's now my!) to be his Research Assistants (RAs). During all these data entry and field survey .....both me and my friend got offer to start our first real job on 1st December 1999. And well......the rest is history....ahahaha..... ....I'm looking forward to do my PhD in 2018 but still give a deep thought on that......lets see how the flow will go

Will there be an increase of entry for 2018?.....dunno...........we'll see

Semoga semua sentiasa dalam rahmat Ilahi. InsyaAllah.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Kisah pertama kali terjebak dengan Planner Addict Malaysia

Anyone into journaling and planner thingy today? I least that is what i aim to be since January 2016....lalalalaal............I don't know how but somehow I landed into this close group in Facebook namely Planner Addict Malaysia since Sept/Oct 2015. We commonly address each other as PAM member and we also have separate whatsapp group for that.

Well, that is my earlier planner stack and proud of it walaupun tak sempat nak ku update semuanya. Dan nak dijadikan cerita one fine day and it is not a good day, ada pulak air bocor kat opis. Maka habisla half of it soak in water. Sedih giler sebab punyala susah payah menabung dan membeli.

Citer pasal planner ni ada macam-macam chapter. Harapnya I ada kesempatan nak put everything in this blog. At least for my own story telling and record keeping (eh...dah macam penjaga stor pun ada bunyinya! ahaks)

Till then. Semoga semua dalam rahmat Allah taala. Amiiin.


Do I still have follower? Do I still have readers? Did anybody accidently 'found' my blog. Its been like a hiatus of a trillion zillion moment going out of this planet. eh eh....boleh ke macam tu. ahahahaaha

Initially I want to delete this blog. I just can't find time to update or to blog about anything. Tapi......bila bukak .....walaupun obsolete design....adverts......akaun nuffnang pun ntah mana password.......but....but.....sayangnya.......... As a normal have a blog since 2008....sayangnya nak delete.

So, this is me! Still alive....busy with work...with family. Let see if I can write about whats happening in my life so far. Later.....till then. adios

Monday, 12 October 2015


Marissa tengah hijack handphone ....pocoyo....robocarpoly.....barbie.....and suddenly....mama ni Nyang kan? Marissa tak sempat jumpa Nyang. Marissa saaaaayaaaang Nyang sangat-sangat. Marissa dah tak boleh jumpa Nyang lagi.....and i was like speechless....and now I'm crying like a river. Al-fatihah untuk arwah pah Sabariah. Both of us not the closest in the family tapi mak jaga pah sangat lama. Years.....can't remember since when tapi congak2 rasanya ada kot 8-10 tahun.

Arwah pah dulunya ustazah a.k.a cikgu sekolah. Quite a stern person dan masa kecik2 dulu takla rapat pun. Arwah selalu marah kalau tak pakai kain (meaning no pant is allowed in the house)...dan a big no-no is kalau tak pakai tudung. Kalo jumpa ada jer nak kena lecture...

Arwah pah dijemput Ilahi semasa hening pagi. My handphone was off so I only know the news at almost 11 a.m. memang tak sempat ..... ketika sampai semua pun dah nak beredar dari kubur.

Gambar terakhir Marissa dan arwah pah. 

Entah kenapa tiba2 malam ni rasa sangat sedih.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Menunggu Hari Tiba


Diam tak diam….da masuk 32 minggu. Alah teruk dah lepas….puasa dah lepas….raya pun dah nak masuk tengah Syawal. Sooo looking forward for my youngest baby. Walaupun sebenarnya barang apa pun tak siap lagi. beg spital pun ada atas almari lagi…..kui kui kui

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