Sunday, 26 October 2008

Awan Mendung Kelabu

yalah, memang kelabu sungguh my blog ni. ntahla apa benda yg di 'busy' kan sangat tu. now ni dah pun nak sampai hujung semester and meeting all those dateline or should it be 'dead'line! :)
sedar tak sedar, pejam celik pejam celik, dah pun nak hujung tahun 2008. somehow teringat klise dlm Meet Joe Black which says '60 goes with a blink'....something like that la. really....feel it was yesterday masuk 1 january and with a blink dah pun end of october and soon end of december....hopefully not yet end of the world. masyaallah subhanallah.....belum cukup lagi amal pahala nak bg breakeven ngan dosa2 yg ada....astagfirullahalazim......

dalam separuh sedar juga dah almost nam tahun kat kuching ni. really like it here.....maybe because of the people....the places and also my working environment which is sooo much the opposite when i was in KL. I was transferred here just after delivery of my first baby. those time memang hectic bila ingat balik. Yalah, baru je kawin dah preggy. and baru je habis pantang dah fly ke sini. dan after cuti 2 bulan tu terus masuk kerja ofis baru! top it up, the first house yg kitaorg sewa dulu kat sini penuh dgn tikus. I mean those big-big rats (confirm tak sama dgn ratatouille the movie). dan few months ke or the next year (sendiri pun tak ingat was way back in 2003) our house involved dgn banjir - the big one in history la kat kuching ni .
since then, we have live in three different houses
and alhamdulillah no other big tragedy in the later years. syukran....syukran.....ehehehe

yg buat rasa nak flash back ni bukan apa, i will be transferred back to headquarters at petaling jaya might be by end of this year. still waiting for the official letter coz verbal order dah dapat. berat hati nak pindah and I'm so reluctant to live in KL....many bad memories la kat sana......huhuhuhuuhu.........don't want to elaborate on that though.

hmmmmmmmmm...........what else to do but to think positive and keep looking at the bright side....such as to be nearer my parents whom doesn't get any younger. living in KL make it easy to comute back to kuala kangsar whenever i want (janji ada budget plus full tank....hehehe). unlike Kuching where we -me n hubby - have to really sit down and scatch some budget everytime booking ticket. now nie regardless air asia ka....mas ka....the fare are almost the same and it doesn't get more cheaper. the point is ridiculous to plan balik kampung every month!!! so better stay in kl then - u can go from one state to other state (KL to Perak ......hmmmm) just in one day or rhetorically speaking in just few hours.hmmmmm.....sigh again.

walauapapun tetap sedih tahap tertinggi la nak tinggalkan Kuching ni....huwawawawawa..........

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